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Awaken your Christmas hopes and heart to the most inspiring collection of Holiday music to come along in years...CHRISTMAS DREAMS by MAJI is available now. Created by JOE PUERTA of AMBROSIA, together with his musical collaborators in MAJI, CHRISTMAS DREAMS is sure to brighten your Christmas spirit this and every year to come. After last year’s success of the song “I’M COMIN’ HOME FOR CHRISTMAS’’ - MAJI was born. That song appeared on NBC’S smash show ‘’ER’’ and was a #1 record on Mediabase’s Oldie’s chart and Top 40 on their AC chart. The timely and organic video to the song is still garnering interest and nearing 10,000 views on YOUTUBE and other internet video channels. This year, Puerta and band mates John Calarco, Dave Adler, and partner Bill Pfordresher present an entire album of contemporary Christmas music.

RoSFest 2008

This should be one hell of a show! Ambrosia will be playing their progressive material only! Hopefully, this will start a trend!!

From the RoSFest site:
Ambrosia announced for RoSfest 2008 Friday headliner

It gives us extreme pleasure to announce Ambrosia as our Friday night headliner for 2008 but first a little band history.

Ambrosia formed in 1970, in the South Bay/San Pedro area of Southern California. The musicians were inspired by the progressive rock era, and developed a large regional following for their inventive musicianship and skillful arranging.  Ambrosia came to national prominence in 1975 with the release of their self-titled debut album on 20th Century Fox Records. Ambrosia was produced and engineered by the legendary Alan Parsons, and featured the top ten hit “Holdin’ on to yesterday”, as well as the FM classic “Nice nice, very nice”. After lengthy touring, the band returned in 1976 with Somewhere I’ve never traveled, also produced and engineered by Parsons. The Album yielded the title song, which quickly became an FM favorite. Both Ambrosia and Somewhere I’ve never traveled received Grammy nominations, and set the stage for the band’s signing to Warner Bros. Records. During that time the group also scored a top 40 hit with a cover of the Beatles classic “Magical mystery tour”, from the motion picture All this and WW11

In 1980, Warner Bros. released One Eighty, a smash LP that produced two of the year’s biggest hits, “You’re the only woman” and “Biggest part of me.” Though a headlining world tour and three Grammy nominations followed, one of the biggest honors bestowed upon them was Quincy Jones’ declaration that “Biggest part of me” was one of his all time favorite songs. 

Ambrosia released their fifth and final album, Road Island, in 1982. From the Ralph Steadman cover illustration, to the James Guthrie (Pink Floyd’s the Wall) production, to the album’s dark central themes, Road Island was a conceptual, adventurous work of art that brought forward Ambrosia’s exceptional talents. It also marked the end of an era for the band. 

Well, 30+ some odd years after their splash onto the scene and a brief cessation of activity from the mid-'80s to the mid-'90s, the band is STILL kicking tunes and taking names. Three of the original quartet of Joe Puerta, Burleigh Drummond & Christopher North remain, as they and frontman David Pack had differences of opinion over musical direction and sought different paths. The newest iteration of Ambrosia boasts the edgy, youthful shredding of Doug Jackson on lead axe, the seasoned jazz 'n' jam-tinged stylings of long-time band collaborator David Lewis (Shadowfax) on second keys and making another return with the band is 12 year vet and vocalist Shem Von Schroeck  rounding out this six piece band.

Upon speaking with Burleigh Drummond & Christopher North they agreed to give something special to the RoSfesters and perform music from their more progressive  albums
Ambrosia, Somewhere I’ve never traveled and their fifth album Road Island.

This promises to be a very special show so make your plans to catch Ambrosia on the RoSfest stage on May 2nd as our Friday night headliner.

Be sure to head on over to the RoSfest website and check out the MP3 on the Ambrosia page.

Ambrosia official website -  
Check out the unofficial Ambrosia myspace website and listen to the music.

Concert Summary
Hollywood Sportatorium Hollywood, FL 12/08/1978 Ambrosia-LBLA Tour

Wolfgang's Vault

Hollywood Sportatorium
Hollywood, FL

1 Not As You Were 4:10
2 Nice, Nice, Very Nice 6:01
3 Holdin' On To Yesterday 5:28
4 The Brunt 8:12
5 How Much I Feel 6:00
6 I Wanna Know 6:29
7 Life Beyond L.A. 6:17
8 Can't Let a Woman 5:49

Tracks: 8
Total Time: 48:26

This is a good show from 1978. It was the last date in Florida and the guys had been very busy touring. You can listen to the concert for FREE, if you register to be a member at Wolfgang's Vault. The site is also selling this show as a 256k Mp3 download for $9.95. Ambrosia does NOT receive any$$$ (as usual!) !!!!

Burleigh Drummond - drums, vocals
Chris North - piano, keyboards, vocals
David Pack - guitar, keyboards, vocals
Joe Puerta - bass, guitar, vocals
David Lewis - synths, keyboards

Wolfgang's Vault descrption:
Ambrosia was an unknown, unsigned LA-based band just starting out in 1969 when the members attended a show at the Whiskey A Go Go. It was a new, critically acclaimed U.K. band called King Crimson, featuring both Robert Fripp and Greg Lake. That show, and especially their songs like “21st Century Schizoid Man” were so powerful and groundbreaking, they shook Ambrosia’s music foundation to the core. At their next band practice, Ambrosia immediately went from being a typical late-‘60s pop band (who, like so many others took influences from the Beatles and the Beach Boys), to being an ensemble of musicians now dedicated to the progressive music of bands like Crimson, ELP, YES, and Gentle Giant. Eventually both sets of influences would collide and Ambrosia would become a progressive pop band.

Spearheaded by guitarist David Pack and keyboardist Chris North, Ambrosia soon began experimenting by blending radio-friendly pop melodies with complex progressive rock, jazz and acoustic music. By 1971, they had attracted the attention of LA pops conductor, Zubin Mehta, who included the band in a special event with the LA Philharmonic called the “All American Dream Concert.” Despite the media attention, it would be several more years before the group landed a deal on Warner Brothers. They had transformed into a pop band with progressive leanings, and although they had a musical style that ran the gambit from rockers and jazz, they seemed to hit the mark with romantic ballads. Their debut, Ambrosia, was released in 1975 and spawned a hit single “Holding On To Yesterday” and the FM track, “Nice, Nice Very Nice,” which was based on Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle. Although the critics would never really understand the band and therefore never rallied behind their music, Ambrosia had no trouble getting on the radio and attracting a large legion of fans.

This show was recorded upon the release of the band’s third album, Life Beyond LA. More musically adventurous than the band’s previous albums, Life Beyond LA spawned the band’s biggest hit, “How Much I Feel.” The success of Life Beyond LA landed Ambrosia an opening spot on tours for both Fleetwood Mac and The Doobie Brothers. Opening this show with “Not As You Were” and moving quickly into “Nice, Nice, Very Nice,” the band shows off their musical chops with a number of the songs performed at this concert. Most of the hits are here, including “Holdin’ On To Yesterday,” “How Much I Feel” and “Life Beyond L.A.”

In 1980, Ambrosia made another successful studio album, One Eighty, which delivered two more radio hits (“You’re The Only Woman” and “Biggest Part Of Me”), but by then, Chris North had left the band. After 1982’s, Road Island, the band’s soft progressive sound fell out of favor with radio programmers and soon after, they split up. The members, especially David Pack, worked on a number of other albums by established artists such as Alan Parsons Project. Bassist Joe Puerta became a founding member of Bruce Hornsby & The Range. Ambrosia reformed in 1990, and they have continued touring off and on since then. They released a live album in 2004, and have issued a number of compilations. David Pack has since left the group and currently records and tours as a solo artist.

Concert Summary
Riverside Centroplex Baton Rouge, LA 12/12/1978

Ambrosia Life Beyond L.A. Tour 1978


Wolfgang's Vault

Riverside Centroplex
Baton Rouge, LA

Tracks: 7
Total Time: 40:28

This is a great show from 1978. It was the 1st date in Louisiana and the guys had been very busy touring. The description of the band is badly botched here! They credit David Pack with singing "If Heaven Could HELP Me! Obviously, the writer knows nothing about the band, as they give DP vocal credit for a song that Joe sang and the song title is wrong
You can listen to the concert for FREE, if you register to be a member at Wolfgang's Vault. The site is also selling this show as a 256k Mp3 download for $9.95. Ambrosia does NOT receive any$$$ (as usual!) !!!!

Burleigh Drummond - drums, vocals
Royce Jones - vocals
David Cutler Lewis - piano, synthesizer
Chris North - organ, vocals
David Pack- guitar, lead vocals
Joe Puerta - bass, lead vocals

Formed in 1970, the Southern California band Ambrosia was first recognized by Los Angeles Philharmonic conductor Zubin Mehta, who featured them in part of his All-American Dream Concert the following year. Inspired by many of the progressive rock bands coming out of England in the early 1970s, the rich harmony arrangements of the Beatles, the Beach Boys and CSN&Y, as well as the soulful vocals of Motown, Ambrosia blended these elements into an original symphonic pop/rock with a slickly produced sound. By 1975, when they released their debut self-titled album, Ambrosia had developed a strong regional following enamored with their clear melodies, strong vocal arrangements, and polished sound that was both accessible and radio friendly. With some credit due to Alan Parsons, who engineered the debut album and produced the follow-up, the group displayed inventive musicianship and skillful arranging abilities. However, among Parson's polish was a distinct sense that this band was not taking itself too seriously and having a lot of fun, which translated well into their live performances. The group toured extensively throughout the latter half of the 1970s, supporting mega-popular bands like Fleetwood Mac and the Doobie Brothers.

By the time of the band's third album in 1978, Life Beyond L.A., the group had begun tightening up the arrangements and introducing more typical ballads that showcased the soulful vocals of David Pack. Ambrosia were clearly heading in a more mainstream pop direction. During the sessions for this album, the first to be produced without the help of Alan Parsons, founding member and organist Chris North departed, leaving the remaining trio of Pack, Puerta and Drummond to carry on, augmented by hired guns, including the talented keyboardist and synthesizer player, David Cutler Lewis, who would soon become a full-time member of the touring band. After unsuccessfully searching for an additional organ player for the tour, Chris North returned to fill his own vacancy, and along with former Steely Dan vocalist Royce Jones completed the 1978 touring band. This performance, recorded at the group's first visit to Baton Rouge, Louisiana on the Life Beyond L.A. Tour, captures this transitional era of the band perfectly and features a healthy dose of material from the new album, two of the most popular tracks from the debut, in addition to one of the more esoteric compositions from the band's second album. The set is structured with new material opening and closing the set and older more familiar material in the middle.

Ambrosia's performance begins with a double dose from the Life Beyond L.A. album, first with "Not as You Were," followed by the radio hit that featured David Pack's pleading vocals, "If Heaven Could Help Me." Moving backwards in time, they continue with their Top 40 hit single, "Holdin' On To Yesterday," one of the most straightforward numbers from their debut album. The middle of this performance features "The Brunt," the most instrumentally ambitious track from their 1976 album, Somewhere I've Never Traveled. The FM radio classic, "Nice, Nice, Very Nice," returns to the first album material, with its Kurt Vonnegut-written lyric (lifted from the 53rd Calypso of Bokonon from his novel Cat's Cradle). Although the synthesizer sounds clearly date much of this music to the latter part of the 1970s, the material demonstrates the group's advanced melodic sensibilities and lush vocal harmonies, balanced by tasteful and tightly arranged instrumental work.

This set concludes with the rockin' title track from the Life Beyond L.A. album, before they return for an encore. They close the performance with the uncharacteristic romantic ballad, "How Much I Feel." Radically different from everything that preceded it, this emotionally evocative love song would become part of the soundtrack to countless high school make out sessions and would soon sail up the charts. Undeniably catchy, but a far cry from the music that established their reputation, this song would unfortunately stigmatize Ambrosia as lightweights in the eyes of many longtime fans, while bringing them an entirely new adult contemporary audience. Regardless, this performance clearly displays that the group was as comfortable with romantic ballads as they were with progressive rock. Melodic instrumental textures, rich blended vocal harmonies, and a style that could be both serious and playful in equal measure are what define this memorable performance.



Brian Dale's Sticks and Stones CD
Singer, songwriter and drummer, Brian Dale is sought after for his ability to deliver music as passionate as it is intelligent, evident on his recently released CD, "Sticks and Stones." Brian was immersed in music from the beginning. Raised by dedicated musicians, he developed early appreciation for the musical qualities he exemplifies: expression, diversity, expertise, passion and style. "Sticks and Stones" is a culmination of Brian's rare musical presence and creativity. Opening track "Free and Renewed" sets the tone for the disc, with it's compelling vocal performance on top of a captivating groove; It also features the moody and soulful trumpet of Latin Jazz Grammy winner Brian Lynch. Co-produced by Joe Puerta (Ambrosia, Bruce Hornsby) and Kevin Arndt, "Sticks and Stones" is a complete package: extraordinary melodies, lush harmonies, solid grooves, creative writing, consummate musicians-an exceptional work. The outcome is original and fresh, easy to listen to.

The CD also features a great , rare unreleased song written by Joe Puerta! The Voice was written during the Road Island sessions about the Brixton riots in England,. Brian does a fantastic version of The Voice with a new jazzy arrangement.

Brian has performed with Joe Puerta, Les Lokey, Ambrosia, Peter Mac and Melissa Mathes; and has been a guest performer with many different artists. He is a seasoned session drummer and vocalist with numerous CD's and jingles to his credit. You can listen to song samples, including "The Voice" at Brian's site. You may purchase the CD at CD Baby, but hurry! The CD has sold out quickly once and is being re-stocked!


I'm Coming Home For Christmas To Be Aired On ER, Thursday December 7th On NBC!
I'm Coming Home For Christmas To Be Aired On ER, Thursday December 7th On NBC!
I'm Comin' Home For Christmas is being featured this Thursday December 7th on a special Christmas themed episode of ER:City Of Mercy. Please tune in and listen for the song. It is supposedly going to get 1 full minute of airtime which is significant.
The song has reached #1 at WRVR in Memphis and #2 at WRIT in Milwaukee, but we need more. We hope that ER will help to kick the door down.......
Merry Christmas to one and all.

Joe Puerta & Bill Pfordresher


Bill Pfordresher & Joe PuertaChristmas Gustav

Great news for Ambrosia fans! Longtime Ambrosia associate & Grammy nominated producer, Bill Pfordresher has written a fantastic new Christmas tune. He knew that the perfect voice would have to be Ambrosia's Joe Puerta! Joe & Bill produced the single, entitled "I'm Comin' Home For Christmas." This is Joe's first solo release & it's bound to become a new Christmas classic!! The song will be released on November 14th through iTunes. It has been picked up by ClearChannel Radio.

You can help with the promotion & see the great video now!! Please click here to view the video & hear the song on You Tube! Please spread the word! Let's see Joe & Bill's single take off! The song also has a web site & is featured on Yahoo video as well! Let's get this video to # 1!!

Ambrosia will be recognized for a Career Achievment Award at the 16th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards! This is a very prestigious honor that the band has certainly earned with their critically acclaimed music! CONGRATULATIONS Guys!!!!



Ambrosia Photo: Tom Deleeuw

Great news for Ambrosia fans! The band has been in the studio recording a long awaited NEW CD!! The fans have been patiently awaiting this announcement. With 6 new tracks & 6 reworked classic tracks, the CD is tentatively entitled "Now & Then." The band has been has been laying down tracks whenever they have a chance. With Joe Puerta living in Wisconsin, the project has been a bit slow, but sure. The band has put down tracks at Burleigh Drummond's Thousand Oaks studio. Between the band's tour schedule, busy schedules of the individual band members as sought after session musicians & Burleigh & Joe's roles as studio owners/music producers, the release date will surely be delayed. "We're just so happy to have the wonderful support & patience from our fans" states Burleigh. The same sentiment was voiced from the other band members including Christopher North, David Lewis, Doug Jackson & Ken Stacey. We're so excited to share this long awaited news with everyone! Look here for updates.


Joe Puerta & Ken Stacey - photo by Brandt Bishop

Ambrosia has acquired a fabulous new vocal treasure in Ken Stacey.
Ken comes to the band from a very impressive musical background.

is a very active Los Angeles session vocalist who's credits range
from International tours to national jingles.  Ken has toured and
recorded with Sir Elton John as background vocalist and acoustic
guitarist, which garnished him a gold record for his contribution on Sir
Elton's “One Night Only” Greatest Hits Live. Ken is honored to be joining
Ambrosia. "I am thrilled to be working with the likes of Joe Puerta,
Burleigh Drummond, Christopher North, David Lewis and Doug Jackson.
These are musician's musicians, and the catalog of hits speaks for it's
self!" Ken has been touring with the band since July of 2005. You have to
hear Ken sing! He brings a new electricity to the band. Don't miss an
opportunity to hear the new energy Ken
brings to the band! Please see
Ken's website to learn more about his impressive background:

David Lewis - photo by Brandt Bishop
Keyboard legend & Grammy winner (Shadowfax) David Cutler Lewis
performed & toured with Ambrosia for 5 years. His synthesizer work
helped shape Ambrosia's last 3 LPs (LBLA, 180 & Road Island).
Dave is a brilliant part of Ambrosia's sound & quite a coveted asset.
"Welcome Home", Dave!

Tollak has been in Europe for a few months now. We're all awaiting his
comeback at the end of July. Tollak's been touring in Holland & Norway.
He ran into his old friends Kenny Loggins, Shem & Chris Ralles in Amsterdam!

Click here for his tour dates. Click here for a message to all Ambrosia fans (Quicktime)!

Click Here Now To Buy "Walk the Earth"
Tollak Ollestad's long awaited CD, "Walk the Earth" has just been released!
The CD boasts a gorgeous blend of many genres and the 12 songs are each
brillantly written & executed by Tollak. You can purchase this
"must have" CD NOW from Tollak's website, CD Baby & wherever Tollak tours!
"Walk the Earth" will be in your CD rotation for
a long time to come,
possibly forever! Click here for song clips.

Christopher North has finally got a place in cyberspace!
Ambrosia's keyboard legend can be found here:
Look for much more to come soon!

Joe Puerta interview! Joe discusses everything from his roots
as a musician to Ambrosia, their horrible mis-mangement, Bruce Hornsby
& The Range, advice for starting musicians, even American Idol! Joe plays 2
great acoustics songs:Hopes & Dreams & Fool Like Me! 30 minutes long!

Here is the update concerning the Ambrosia & Tin Drum DVDs released by R.A.W.: (Real Artists Working)
The Ambrosia DVD is ready to be ordered! Click Here:
I finally finished the edit changes Burleigh and Mary gave me and will run them a check copy this weekend.
If all is OK, VHS's of TIN DRUM will be availble shortlythereafter. It is a great show, with wonderful original music and fantastic musicians. When the bonus footage is put together for Tin Drum, the DVD will be released. Both DVD's are very entertaining for fans and a terrific look, for young musicians, at how professional musicians maintain a career in the music business. We have had some internal changes to our company, but now everything is moving forward. DVD's to look forsoon - TheEmotions, Suzanne Somers, Dakota Moon, Tower of Power, TheAluminum Marshmellow and many more.Thank all the fans for being patient with us. It won't be long.
Greg Pineda
Chairman / Executive Producer

Real Artists Working
GTG Productions


Tin Drum's 2nd CD release, "Small Parade" won the 2003 CD of the Year Awards on! CD of the Year Awards:2003 "Viewer's Choice" CD Award Winners:The 2003 "Viewer's Choice Awards" were presented to the top-25 (actually 26 this year as there was a 4-way tie for 23rd place) winners as chosen by visitors to the Kweevak's Tracks website. A total of 256 CDs were nominated to be voted on and a total of 5929 votes were cast.* CD of the Year Award winners will receive an animated web graphic, will be announced in press releases sent to music media outlets around the world, and will be announced on several internet webcasts and radio shows as well.

There is a new Discography page that shows all the credits for each of Ambrosia's 8 CDs! There are links for ALL of the Ambrosia lyrics & links to purchase each of the Ambrosia CDs! You can feel Great knowing that any purchase through this website will profit Ambrosia!

Tin Drum's Luck Of The Irish (from the Small Parade CD) has been nominated for Best Instrumental of 2002 by the Just Plain Folks website! Just Plain Folks is community of over 19,000 Songwriters, Recording Artists, Music Publishers,
Record Labels, Performing Arts Societies, Educational Institutions, Recording Studios and Engineers, Producers, Legal Professionals, Publicists and Journalists,
Publications, Music Manufacturers and Retailers and about every other type of member of the Music Industry. We congratulate Tin Drum on their nomination

Tin Drum continues to receive rave reviews for their Small Parade CD. The newest review is written by Les Reynolds and published at the Indie-Music.Com website. Tin Drum's reviews have always been superior and no wonder! Both of their CDs have proved them to be on the cutting edge of many genres of music. Each of their reviews has shown the critics to be in awe and in love with their music. We knew this long ago! Go check their latest review a tIndieMusic.Com.

Tollak contributes his unique harmonica performance in a new documentary scored by actor/musician Don Grady (former son Robbie in "My Three Sons")."It's a documentary about this program where they bring in puppys that are going to be put to sleep to the maximum security prisons and the amazing results they've had with these very hardened criminals bonding with these animals. Don's doing all of the music which is very blues oriented and features lots of harp (which Tollak wails on!).""I just did the session yesterday (11-25-02), it was kind of surreal looking at Robbie from "My three sons" (Don Grady) through the whole session. He's a very nice & unassuming guy though."

There is a new website devoted soley to the GREAT music of Joe Puerta! The site will showcase the many talents of Joe Puerta: Songwriter, Vocalist, Multi-Instrumentalist & Producer. Look for many rare audio & video clips, as well as interviews, his biography & new music from the legend; Joe Puerta! Joe has just purchased a new studio & recording company: The Exchange. Look to buy new projects, as well as his Firefly Music recordings there real now!

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Tin Drum's 2nd CD release, "Small Parade" is the featured CD for June 2002 at the Kweevak Music Portal. The CD has received critical acclaim on numerous websites including Starpolish & CD Baby! We can hardly wait for the follow-up CD!

Ambrosia, in conjunction with Coach House Records, released their Live CD,
recorded at The Galaxy Theater on May 18th at The Coach House in San Juan!
The fans have patiently & eagerly awaited this CD! Much thanks go to Ambrosia &
Coach House Records for making this dream come true! The CD will be available
on-line from Coach House Records & at Ambrosia venues. Visit Coach House Records
for some great pictures of the live recording & Mp3 samples from the new CD!
The Release Party was a HUGE success!! Click here to purchase!

Ambrosia is proud to announce their 1st LIVE video for fans to buy!
The video was recorded professionally at the La Mirada Theatre 2-23-02.
"We are very pleased with the outcome of the video which includes in depth
interviews, out takes & our performance at La Mirada" states Burleigh
Drummond.The video will be on sale nationally through Hollywood Music Store.
Look here soon for the release date!!

Ambrosia Trivia Contest Coming Soon!! Prizes To Be Announced!
Sponsored By AMBROSIA, ambrosia web & The Traveller's List

Storm Chaser is a bracing collection of furious fret workouts which simultaneously impresses with slick
rock/jazz virtuosity and entertains with unusual turns of phrase. Doug Jackson's rock-fusion approach
dominates the eleven high-energy tracks, which also feature Rick Fierabracci on bass and Mark Craney
on drums. Songs like "Science Friction" merge relatively sophisticated harmonic territories with the energy of a
heavy metal tune. Jackson's playing style includes Satriani-esque melodies ("Motormouth", title track) and
dazzling acoustic treatments ("Cottonmouth"). Storm Chaser is one terrific instrumental recording.

Guests Include: Tin Drum
Alan Parsons, David Cutler Lewis, Royce Jones, Chris North & Others!
You're Invited To Look Here For Pictures NOW!!

There is a new archive section on-line! It will feature old reviews,
interviews fan/band input. This will include the columns by Rex &
Cabs. Go there now for a real treat! Our 1st interview of Mike Granger.
Our 1st concert review is also featured: Ribfest from Tampabay by Mike Beverley.

Ambrosia recorded a "LIVE" CD September 1, 2001 in
Santa Ana, CA at the Galaxy Theater! This was a long awaited dream
for All Ambrosia fans. It will be available for
consumption by May 2002. The CD will feature 12 songs!
This will be the 1st new release since the long awaited
"Anthology" in 1997.

2001 was the busiest tour schedule for Ambrosia in years. The band
had a tremendous response from the fans in every city they played.
This has resulted in an even "tighter" sound (is this even possible???)!
Look for Ambrosia to make their way to a location near you soon!

Burleigh Drummond's "Tin Drum" (Burleigh Drummond, Mary Harris, Mick Mahan
& Larry Treadwell) have released their 2nd CD "Small Parade". This CD is a real
"must have" for Ambrosia fans & anyone who appreciates music in general!
Now there are sound files for every song on both Tin Drum CD's available!
Tin Drum has been very busy with appearances this year & have gained a solid
fan base! Tin Drum has also opened for Ambrosia many times, much to the
fan's delight! Click Here to experience a unique & beautiful musical expression.

Long time Ambrosia member, Shem (vocals, bass, percussion, xylophone, etc...)
has released his 1st CD, "Son Of Arthur". Fan's have been very elated by this
showcase of Shem's talent. Click Here to listen.

Long time Ambrosia member, Tollak (vocals, harmonica, keyboards, etc...)
has released his 1st CD "Northern Lights". This CD is only available at MP3.
com presently. Look for more songs to be included & a final version soon!
Ambrosia are performing Tollak's songs in concert & fan's are loving it!

The Traveller's Danse site is going through MAJOR changes. The address has changed
and the appearance has definitely changed! We are still operating under the same premise:
"Fan based" submissions, suggestions & support. Our most sincere thanks to all of you who've
contributed over the last 5 years! Special thanks to AMBROSIA for their continued input & support .
Look for more awesome interviews, reviews &pictures. Also, more "live" & unreleasesd audio & video!